Meet Anna

anna bio picI combine therapeutic methods with my experience as a former school teacher to help bridge the gap between the natural sensitivities of gifted children and their full potential.

I have a special love for children, and enjoy working with them directly, on everything from self-regulation and social skills, to empathy and self-esteem. I also enjoy working with adolescents, individual adults and couples.

What can I expect from working with you?

As a client, you can expect a respectful, understanding relationship where you can feel free to talk about your concerns.  We will examine your experiences, thoughts, and feelings, and discover your specific goals. Then, we will try many methods that can provide relief until we find the one that works specifically for you.Sometimes, therapy is focused on symptom relief, but at other times, exploration and self-understanding may be the focus of our work together.

When your child or adolescent works with me, you can expect a significant reduction of symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, and outbursts.  Your child will learn identify his/her feelings, express his/her needs, and discover new tools to handle challenges, like big emotions or difficult environments.

How did you decide to become a therapist and what is your experience?

Before going back to school to become a therapist, I was a teacher, working mostly with children in Special Education.  This involves testing, observing family systems, and working creatively to help each child manage his/her disability while providing a sound education.  More and more I found I wanted to devote myself to the family as a whole and less to teaching academics. Because of this, I went back to school for a second Master’s Degree, this time in Counseling Psychology.  I’ve immensely enjoyed this career change and value my experience working in the school system.

As a therapist, I’ve been employed at various agencies where I have gained incredible experience and a deeper love of this type of work. Currently, I work both here at Gifted Matters, and at the Feeling Good Institute, under the supervision of Dr. Maor Katz. For more details about my background, you can check my LinkedIn page.

Are you a licensed therapist?

I’m a Marriage and Family Therapy Registered Intern, which means that I have completed the educational components and am working towards my hours of experience in order to become licensed. I am finishing up my final 500 hours (out of 3000) and am looking forward to qualifying for full licensure soon. As an intern, I work under the direct supervision of licensed providers, and my Intern number is 65351. You can verifiy my licensing status with the State of California by clicking here.

What else can you tell me about you?

I’m an active, ongoing member of a professional training and consulting group In TEAM Therapy, a particular type of cognitive-behavioral therapy. I have also completed training in Levels One and Two in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and enjoy working with couples as well as individuals.

I’m also married and a mom of two children.  I grew up in the Bay Area and am of a multi-racial, multi-cultural family.