Gifted Matters staff provides counseling and psychotherapy services to families, couples and individuals of all ages. We have two office spaces we use – one, a more traditional therapy office room, with a homey, living-room feel; the second, a dedicated play therapy space. This is where young children can express themselves through their play, and older kids (and adults!) can engage in activities which are conducive to talking – we understand that for some folks, sitting down face to face and discussing problems head on is not always the best way to start!

We use a variety of modalities in our work, and a variety of clinical perspectives, including humanistic and psychodynamic psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Child-Centered Play Therapy and others. Our staff has experience in working with gifted, twice-exceptional, QUASIE (Quirky, Anxious, Sensitive, Intense, Excitable) individuals and families on such topics as parenting, educational planning, anxiety, depression, life transitions, adulting, communication, PANS/PANDAS, and managing intense emotions, among others.

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