Our Services

We offer counseling services, support groups, trainings for professionals and presentations for groups large and small.

Counseling Services

Gifted Matters provides individual counseling for gifted and 2e adults, adolescents and children, as well as family therapy. Much of the work that we do for children is through working with their parents. Different staff members have different specialties, but we all work together as a team to ensure that you are getting the right kind of support. In families with children, this frequently means that you might have a relationship with two therapists, one for the child and one to support the parents, or in the case of more than one child participating in individual therapy, a different therapist for each child. All work is supervised by the Director, whomever your primary therapist ends up being.

We work together with you to create a plan of action that works for your specific situation. This may include office visits, phone sessions, video sessions, or a combination. Most clients meet with their therapist weekly, but some come every other week or monthly. The appropriate frequency depends on the issues we are working on, and what level of support you need. Sometimes, a client is “intermitent”  — people who come in frequently for a few months, take a break, then come back again later (sometimes with the same concerns, sometimes with new ones).

The Director’s fee for individual and family counseling is $175/50-minute hour. Staff Therapists’ fees are $125/50-minute hour.  We do not work directly with insurance companies; but using the secure client portal you may download and print the necessary paperwork for insurance or healthcare spending accounts.

How it works:

If you think you are interested in a counseling appointment, here’s what to expect:

  1. Schedule an intake phone call, using the link below. You will chat for 20-30 minutes with a staff member, usually the Director, giving you a chance to ask questions and get a sense of how we work. At the end of that conversation, you will either be directed to one of the individual therapists to set up your first in-office appointment, or, in the case of a family/child, a group initial meeting will be scheduled, with the Director, and one of the Staff Therapists.
  2. At that appointment, we can spend more time discussing your needs, and begin formulating a treatment plan. If the main client is (or might be) a child, we do a three-session intake series. Session one is adults only, session two is an appointment for the child to meet the therapist, and session three is adults only again, where we can make decisions and plans on how best to move forward. If there are any written reports or assessments on the child, we ask that you provide them at least a week before the third appointment, so we can include that information in our planning.
  3. Phone or video sessions may be an option (for adults), but only after we have met in person at least once or twice.

To schedule an intake phone call, click here to go to the secure client portal.

Training for Professionals

Gifted Matters provides training to mental health, education and other professionals on topics relating to giftedness, twice-exceptionality, and sensory integration. We can customize a program to fit your needs, from an hour to a full day and beyond. Please contact the Director with your needs, and we can put together a program that will be thought-provoking and enjoyable.


Gifted Matters’ staff love talking with groups, large or small on a variety of topics, including:
– Parenting your gifted child
– Understanding the needs of the sensory-sensitive child
– Educational options for the gifted and twice-exceptional
– Anxiety and Perfectionism: Learning to cope

Please contact the Director for more information.