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New Clients

Existing or Returning Clients


Schedule a free 30-minute, introductory phone appointment. Click here to go to the appointment scheduler, and select a time.


Have your phone appointment. This is your chance to ask questions and for us to discuss your needs, and whether or not Gifted Matters is a good fit for you. If we decide together that an in-person appointment is a good idea, we will discuss which therapist would be a good match, and when a good time to meet would be.


Check your email. Usually within the week, you will receive a confirmation email regarding day and time for the first in-office appointment. A second email will come soon after, inviting you to sign in and set up your account on the client portal. We use the portal for all scheduling, payment, receipt/statement printing and email communications. If you will be paying with a credit card, this would be a good time to enter that information into your account.

Parents: if your child is going to be receiving services directly, please make the account in the child’s name. It will simplify things with your insurance to have the child’s name on the account. This can be changed later, so if you are not sure, go ahead and use the parent’s name.


Come to your first office appointment.

Parents: we use a three-session arc for child clients and for families, even when we are not expecting necessarily to work directly with your child. The first appointment will be adults only, the second will be to meet the child, and the third will be adults only again to discuss treatment options and plans. The first session in this three-session arc will always include Mika, as well as the staff therapist you are matched with, if applicable.

Existing or Returning Clients

If you are a current client of Gifted Matters, just click on the link below to get to your therapist’s page.

If you are a returning client, and have a client portal account, you also can just click on your therapist’s name.

If you need a username reminder or password reset, or you have never had a portal account just let Mika know at