Parenting Styles

Many parenting approaches exist, and many of them are very successful – meeting the needs of the parents, children and the family as a whole. But when parents make child-rearing choices that are outside the mainstream, it can be difficult to find professionals who understand those choices and the context in which they are made. This in turn can be hard on families who would like some support or guidance but are concerned that the counselor may not approve of or be comfortable with their approach to parenting.

Some parents enter their new role with lots of good ideas about how to proceed as a parent, only to discover that their temperament or their child’s is ill-suited to the approach that they have chosen. Other parents, further down the road, find that they need to shift their perspective and focus from something that used to work well but has not grown along with their child. These and other parenting concerns are often what bring families to seek my help.

My practice is friendly to all sorts of parenting choices, from the traditional to the avant-garde, and everything in between. I have personal experience with a wide range of approaches. I have breast-fed a toddler and practiced co-sleeping with my child. I have worked on setting boundaries and limits, providing positive discipline and using behavior modification (though I will admit this is not my personal favorite). I have first-hand knowledge of what it means to be different than some of the other parents in school or church, and how to deal with feedback about the choices my family has made.

Ultimately, every family is different, and every parent needs to come to their own conclusions about what works for them. Sometimes this is easy, and other times getting some support, feedback and guidance is really helpful. I work closely with families to create a warm and friendly environment where all questions about child rearing can be considered and discussed, whatever they may be.

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