Help for Parents,Families, Teens and Adults



Gifted Matters specializes in helping people who are QUASIE (QUirky, Anxious, Sensitive, Intense, Excitable) learn who they are, what they need and how to get it. Whether you are a parent with questions about your children, a teen who is trying to figure it all out, or an adult who is interested in understanding where you’ve been and where you are going, we can help.


While the pandemic has forced a few changes to how Gifted Matters does business, we are continuing to provide services and take new clients. All sessions are now via telehealth, and staff availability has shifted. We also anticipate some new offierings moving forward — check back soon for specifics. Please direct any COVID-19 questions to . Thanks for your patience and flexibility as Gifted Matters adjusts for the changing realities of the world.



New Clients

All new clients need to make a free 30-minute phone appointment, where we do a basic screening and decide if Gifted Matters is a good fit for your needs.


Gifted Matters Staff

Gifted Matters staff are well-trained, specialized professionals who have personal experience with the world of giftedness, parenting, twice-exceptionality, homeschooling, and learning disabilities, among others.


Gifted Matters Books

Gifted Matters staff have co-authored books about the unique needs of gifted individuals.

These books are available for purchase online.